Monday, April 18, 2011

Two sweet girls.

I took the girl's pictures the other day after church, I thought they looked cute in their spring dresses. I LOVE having two girls that are best friends and play so well together.

Myla showing me she is "one".

Sisters and Best Friends!

Fun times!

Paige who's head I cut off in this picture hosted play group last week, she was so nice and planned a little party for Myla. Myla enjoyed celebrating with her play group friends.

I took the girls to the library for Kindermusik the other day. The offer free classes every once in a while, the girls really enjoy singing the songs and playing with all the instruments.

The other day when I was making dinner I got out a big bowl of water and told the girls have fun and keep the water on the bath towel. They played contently for and hour until dinner was ready, that was so nice for me and for them!

Our teeth are shiny now!

Gracelyn and I went to the Dentist to get out teeth cleaned or as Gracie would say ," we went and got our teeth shiny " the other day. This is the fourth time that she has gotten her teeth cleaned but the first time that she did everything from start to finish, she did a great job!

Alice did a great job with Gracelyn.

The Dr Kitzrow making her smile.

This is what Myla did while we were gone, slept on Ganda's couch! She will be joining us in October, I made her appt. to go with us the next time.
The girls really like doing a lot of " pretend " play lately, such as Doctor, House and Babies, Dentist, Noah's ark, Puppet show and the latest Ballerinas. I love listening and watching them play and make it up as they go.

Bowling fun

Our play group went bowling last week, the girls had a blast! We will be going back again, but this time we will bring Daddy!

The pictures are not the best, it was hard helping Gracelyn and Myla bowl and take pictures! This Mommy can only do so much.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last Saturday we had a big day planned outside so I got up early to make the girls a special big breakfast. One of our books that we read for the week was Noah's ark, so we had been discussing rainbows and Gods promise to us. The girls were very excited to see pancakes colored as the rainbow, they had a lot of fun eating them too!
Last weekend we finally had some nice weather, when we heard it was going to be nice we knew it exactly what the first thing on our list was to do. Gracelyn and Myla got a new two seater swing for their swing set for Christmas from Lance's parents, they have been very excited to try it out since Christmas! It has been in the garage so daily they have asked when Daddy was going to set it up for them. Needless to say they were very excited when Daddy said that the day had finally came to work on putting it together!

Gracelyn with her hammer ready to get to work!
Myla ready to get into something!
Working with Daddy.
Yeah it is done! They have spent a lot of time on this since last weekend. It was a great gift.
Enjoying their first picnic lunch of the year. Hot dogs on the grill!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Poor baby girl!

Poor Miss Myla didn't want to eat her dinner tonight. Gracie and Myla both wanted to have a Popsicle after dinner, I told them if they made a good attempt at dinner then they could have one. Myla decided that was going to be to hard, so she missed out on having a Popsicle tonight. Poor girl.